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10 Incredibly Subtle Callbacks To 'The Shining' From 'Doctor Sleep'

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The ghosts of the Overlook didn't die in The Shining, as Mike Flanagan's Doctor Sleep is quick to point out. And thanks to a recent revival of the film on HBO, including a new director's cut, fans of the film are getting a better look at the empty devils that wander the haunted hallways. Thanks to this revived interest, fans are discovering small details and subtle callbacks to Stanley Kubrick's original masterpiece, as well as the book it's based on, hidden deep within Doctor Sleep. Here are a few callbacks made from Doctor Sleep to The Shining, as discovered by Reddit sleuths. 

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    Recycling Shots

    Posted by u/dartmaster666:

    Doctor Sleep (2019) reused 3 shots from The Shining (1980). The shot of the water and island, and the two shots of the car on the mountain. They were changed to nighttime and snow was added.

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    The Other Danny

    Posted by u/mattcoady:

    In Doctor Sleep (2019) at the baseball game there's [sic] two men in the stands having a chat. The guy in the blue hat is Danny Lloyd, who played Danny in The Shining.

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    'False Face'

    Posted by DisGuy1777:

    The part where Abra and Possessed Dan talk in 237 references The Shining book when young Dan talks to a possessed Jack in the climax, another reference to the same scene is when Dan, before being possessed, talks to Jack in the film, and calls him a "false face."

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    Dan's Interview

    Posted by u/MasterKief93:

    In Doctor Sleep (2019), the room that Danny is interviewed in is almost identical to the one Jack was interviewed in The Shining (1980).

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