The Internet Reacts to the Doctor Strange Trailer  

Jacob Shelton
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List Rules Your favorite fan reactions to the Doctor Strange trailer.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Marvel premiered the trailer for Doctor Strange. Usually, the viewing public has some warning as to when a teaser is going to drop, but like Doctor Strange himself, Marvel is a mysterious sorcerer that cannot be tamed. As with all things superhero, the Internet has some thoughts about the trailer. People love it, they hate it, and a lot of people think it has a distinctly Batman Begins vibe to it. Overall, the feels are all over the place. But even if you haven’t watched the short trailer yet, you’ll love these Marvel's Doctor Strange teaser trailer reactions.

Twitter’s 140 character limit makes it hard to have a nuanced opinion about something, and the first trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange definitely elicited its fair share of haters - some with totally valid reasons. But it’s important to keep in mind - especially when blasting off on social media - that this is less than two minutes of the actual film, and to judge it by those standards is pretty harsh. But like Nikki Sixx said, “Any press is good press.” And thanks to social media, the psychedelic warrior Doctor Strange is getting a lot of press.

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