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21 Things You Should Know About Doctor Strange

Updated 25 Feb 2020 291.7k views21 items

This roundup of Doctor Strange trivia will have you shouting "By the ruby rings of Raggador!" Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme is familiar to comic book fans, but he's not so well known to mainstream audiences. If you're only familiar with high tech or radioactive comic book heroes, you'll learn the basics of Dr. Strange right here. You'll be an expert in the mystic arts in no time at all.

Strange, who has been casting spells in the pages of Marvel Comics for more than 50 years, and while he's never necessarily achieved the popularity of characters like Spider-Man or Hulk, he's one of the most powerful, vital, and fascinating characters in the sprawling Marvel Universe.

Just who is Stephen Strange? What is a Sorcerer Supreme? How does he interact with and impact the Marvel Universe as we know it? Through these Doctor Strange trivia facts, all of this and more will be explained. This is your crash course on everything about the most fantastical and phantasmagoric superhero around, Doctor Strange!

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