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The Biggest Doctor Who Plot Holes the TARDIS Could Zip Right Through

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Doctor Who is a long, proud franchise with millions of fans.The show's adventures are some of the quirkiest and most exciting on television, staying fresh as other shows rise and fall. Its strengths lie in its imagination and characters, but the plotting can be all over the place. Plot holes in Doctor Who are often plentiful, but if the emotions of the story work then people tend to forgive them. But there are times when things make so little sense you just can't get behind the story. 

The worst plot holes in Doctor Who stick out when the emotion of the story has failed, or rather the plot holes themselves fail the emotion of the story. There have been some whoppers in the show's time, with two of the most egregious examples being "Journey's End" from the fourth series and "The Angels Take Manhattan" from the seventh series.

Don't worry. There are plenty of other offenders on the list. Vote up the biggest Doctor Who plot holes.

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    That Time the Statue of Liberty Was a Weeping Angel

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    While most agree that the seventh series episode "The Angels Take Manhattan" has a ton of problems, this one seems like the most glaring. The episode says that the Statue of Liberty is actually a massive Weeping Angel, which invites a whole bunch of questions. If it really is moving around attacking people, why didn't anyone notice it moving around? Not to mention NYC is full of millions of people, so at least one person MUST be looking at it every second of every day, which means it wouldn't be able to move at all.

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    The Reapers Are Lazy

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    In the first series episode "Father's Day," Rose goes into the past and saves her father from death and ends up creating a paradox. Creatures called Reapers appear and start to attack everyone. We learn that they only appear when there's a paradox, but given how many paradoxes the Doctor runs into, why haven't we seen these guys more?

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    All of a Sudden, Gallifrey Isn't Frozen in Time Anymore

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    At the end of the ninth series episode "Hell Bent," the Twelfth Doctor finally returns home to Gallifrey. Somehow, some way, it's escaped the pocket universe the Doctor(s) put it in during the events of "Day of the Doctor." It's never explained, but for more than two seasons, trying to free Gallifrey was a big deal. Then, suddenly, it isn't. What gives?

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    Fixed Points in Time Don't Mean Anything

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    All throughout the lives of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, they make a big deal out of "fixed points in time." No matter what you do, you can't change them. Apparently, the destruction of Gallifrey was a fixed point in time, but the show changes that without any paradoxes popping up. With the planet stashed away rather than merely destroyed, how is time not unraveling?

    Sure, the show explains it away by saying nobody remembers until later, but that seems like an unlikely explanation as to why the fabric universe isn't imploding. 

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