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Some Concerned Doctors Figured Out Exactly How Much James Bond Drinks, And It Is Truly Staggering

James Bond is one of the most famous heroes in the world of fiction. Able to defeat an assortment of villainous enemies, get any lady he wants, and enjoy his life wining and dining in expensive casinos, it seems like he is the quintessential debonair man. Yet, this glamorous exterior is hiding something dark right beneath the surface that is glaringly obvious when you look closely enough – just exactly how much does James Bond drink?

One study by a pair of medical doctors in the UK set out to find out the answer to that question. Published in the prestigious British Medical Journal, the study investigated James Bond’s alcohol consumption throughout the original run of novels rather than the less precise movies. What they discovered was that booze drinking in James Bond is a serious problem. In fact, the issue is so severe that the secret agent would probably not be able to carry out his job. Read on to see just how debilitating Bond's drinking would truly be.