The Best Documentaries to Watch on Psychedelics

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If you're craving a long, epic trip without leaving your couch, then you're probably wondering what to watch on psychedelics. Whether you're on LSD, mushrooms, or any other psychotropic drugs, there are plenty of weird and wonderful documentaries to enhance the experience. Read the list below to find some great documentaries to watch on psychedelics

Here, you'll find a list of awesome, mind-bending docs. From documentaries that uncover hidden worlds to films on bizarre experiences, these documentaries to watch on psychedelics will ensure you don't waste your trip. These documentaries are the stuff mind-expansion is made of and will take you on just the sort of spiritual journeys you may currently find yourself craving. 

Be sure to vote for your favorites so you can help point other couch seekers around the world towards the best documentaries to watch on mushrooms, acid, or other psychedelics! And feel free to add anything you think is missing. 

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  • I Am

    I Am

    96 votes
    • Released: 2011
    • Directed by: Tom Shadyac
    • Actors: Marc Ian Barasch
    I Am is a 2010 documentary film directed by Tom Shadyac. "A true Hollywood insider with films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar, Liar, and Bruce Almighty (among others) on his directorial ...more
  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
    21 votes
    • Actors: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Stoney Emshwiller
    • Premiered: March 9, 2014
    • Released: 2014
    • Directed by: Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Exploring the universe through stories of humankind's quest for knowledge.
  • The Sunshine Makers

    The Sunshine Makers

    Film (2015)
    16 votes
    • Released: 2015
    • Directed by: Cosmo Feilding-Mellen
    • Actors: Tim Scully, Nick Sand, Alice Einhorn
    In the 1960s, underground chemists Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully manufacture a massive amount of LSD while staying one step ahead of the law.
  • Planet Earth
    TV Program
    25 votes
    • Actors: avid Attenborough, Sigourney Weaver, Thomas Anguti Johnston
    • Premiered: March 5, 2006
    • Released: 2006
    • Directed by: Alastair Fothergill
    The planet and its wildlife.
  • Marwencol
    14 votes
    • Released: 2010
    • Directed by: Jeff Malmberg
    • Actors: Mark Hogancamp, Colleen Vargo, Emmanuel Nneji
    "Marwencol is a fantasy world created by Mark Hogancamp. This website is dedicated to capturing the beauty of Mark's secret world. After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a ...more
  • DMT: The Spirit Molecule

    DMT: The Spirit Molecule

    14 votes
    • Released: 2010
    • Directed by: Mitch Schultz
    • Actors: Joe Rogan, Ralph Abraham, Joel Bakst
    DMT: The Spirit Molecule is a 2010 American documentary film directed by Mitch Schultz.