The Wildest TV Documentaries About Scams In 2022

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Vote up the docuseries airing on television or streaming during the 2022 calendar year that are about scams, con artists, faudsters, and other grifters and scams.

From simple scams to con artists that earned a place in the history books, the best fraud documentaries of 2022 are here to reveal the tricksters behind the curtain. Whether you're just curious how they pulled it off (or didn't), the 2022 documentary TV series about scams, con artists, and frauds are a ride from start to finish. Whether these docuseries are premiering this year or bringing new updates to their wild stories in 2022 we've got them here, ranked thanks to your votes.

We all like to think we're safe from falling for some of these cons, but in documentaries like King of the Con and The Puppetmaster: Hunting The Ultimate Conman, it does seem like most people think they won't fall for somebody's scheme. Other documentaries about scams don't rely on individuals so much as they center around resources - the mark in Gaming Wall Street was the concept of stocks. The first part of the HBO Max docuseries The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin aired in 2021, but with the new year brings new episodes.

Which of these documentaries about scams and cons was the wildest ride? Vote up your favorites - and, if you share this list with others and have them vote that's not technically a pyramid-shaped scheme, is it?