People Share Their Bone-Chilling "Dodged A Bullet" Dating Stories

Being rejected or having a relationship fall apart isn't exactly a fun experience for anyone. But sometimes, it's for the best. These are the stories of people who jumped into the dating world looking for love and adventure, and instead ended up just barely avoiding weirdos, criminals, and worse. They were lucky to make it out alive, and only much later did any of them realize they dodged a bullet!

  • Weird Vibe

    Posted by u/Kilen13:

    A girl I went on two dates with ended up stabbing her next boyfriend two months later. I didn't follow up after two dates because I got a weird vibe, never been happier about that gut instinct.

    Posted by u/zapatodulce:

    I wonder if you dated my boyfriend's ex. When he broke up with her, she got p*ssed and jabbed him in the chest with a decorative sword.

  • Person Of Interest

    Posted by u/justanothersong:

    The guy I dated on and off through my last two years of high school and first year of college ended up being a "person of interest" in the suspicious death of a girl about a year after we stopped speaking regularly. It was eventually ruled inconclusive, and he went on his merry way, but about six months ago, he came up in local news as the last person seen with another woman who had gone missing. Eventually, they found her body, and he's in jail awaiting trial.

  • Dodged A Car

    Posted by u/TheLamerGamer

    I was fooling around with this girl who was super clingy and obsessive. I didn't pursue it further, despite the hotness... Two years later? Hit and run on her boyfriend. Could have been a one-time deal. Until she ran over a second boyfriend not long after. I dodged a car, apparently.

  • Not Boyfriend Material

    Posted by a former Redditor:

    I met a guy at a party and we hit it off. Hung out the following night and then two days later, he was arrested for armed robbery.

    Spent four years in prison. Definitely wasn't boyfriend material.

  • A Little Too Close

    Posted by u/ScotInOttawa:

    My ex's mom got really drunk and kissed me with tongue during a Christmas party at her sister's house. On the way home after, I told my ex about it and she defended her mom, saying, “We’re a close family, you just wouldn’t understand."

  • Early Warning Signs

    Posted by u/reckate:

    Dated a guy who started to show signs of being extremely controlling and potentially abusive. After a month, I broke up with him. Later on, he lost a case on Judge Judy and had a ton of restraining orders against him from many different women.