Weird Nature #DoesItFart Is Trending On Twitter And It's The Best Of The Science Community  

Beth Elias
January 3, 2018 80 votes 26 voters 22 items

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The internet is a beautiful, wonderful place that birthed the #DoesItFart movement. Daniella Rabaiotti, a student at the Zooological Society of London, asked Twitter if snakes fart. Normally, tweeting is like shouting into the Grand Canyon, hoping someone heard you; fortunately for Rabaiotti, someone did. Nick Caruso, a student at the University of Alabama, started compiling a spreadsheet of animals that fart. Crowd-sourced from scientists all over the world, Rabaiotti and Caruso have written what is certainly the only authority on animal flatulence, the aptly named book Does It Fart? 

The animal fart Twitter challenge proved educational and hilarious. Families tweeted about buying the book for kids, and scientists got way too into #DoesItFart. Some fart facts aren't surprising - we all know how stinky human toots can be, and our dogs are not so innocent, either. But why are guinea pig farts so noxious? Tapirs fart a lot, and chimp farts are worst when they eat figs. Who knew?

It's good to see the world's most brilliant scientific minds engaging in the life-changing magic of #DoesItFart. 


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