Subtle Signs Your Dog Has No Respect For You

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Dogs rule. Even if you’re a cat person you have to admit that nothing beats the feeling of playing with a sweetie pie dog that loves you, but some dog owners experience control issues with their pups. If you’ve got a new pooch and you’re having trouble trying to get your dog to listen to you then you may be dealing with a lack of respect when it comes to your little buddy. It can be hard to get your dog to respect you, especially if they’re already pushing you around and acting like the alpha in the situation. Respect issues can happen with all dog breeds. If you’re asking yourself, “does my dog respect me?” Then you need to check out this list and see how many of these behaviors that they’re exhibiting.

If your dog doesn't listen, or if you’re main complaint at brunch is “my dog ignores me” then you’re probably dealing with a dog that doesn’t like you and doesn’t see why it should do what you say. The signs your dog respects you are simple. Does he come when you call? Is she calm on walks? Has your vast library of shoes gone largely un-chewed? If not then you may be dealing with a dog who just doesn’t respect you and you need to get that taken care of ASAP. If you’re beginning to suspect that your dog is bossing you around, keep reading and vote on the behaviors that show your doesn’t respect you. 

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    She Nudges You To Pet Her

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    He Pulls You Around When You're Trying To Walk Him

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    Your Dog Rushes Through The Door Ahead Of You

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    She Won't Scoot Over For You On The Couch

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    He Gives You A Blank Stare When You Call His Name

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    Your Dog Walks Away From You When You're Talking To Them