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16 Things We've Learned From Scanning Dog Brains

We may think of dogs as man's best friend (or our little fur babies), but what do dogs think about us? Humanity may never fully know, but we are closer to an answer thanks to dog brain scan studies. In examining dogs' brains, scientists are discovering how our canine companions' brains work and how dogs think. In fact, some of the facts we've learned about dog brains show us they're more like people than once thought.

Scientists have specially trained canines to enter and stay in a fMRI machine - complete with headphones to protect their sensitive ears - to study what happens inside a dog's brain. The results of the brain scans are intriguing, providing evidence that dogs are complex and emotional creatures, something most dog owners probably knew all along. A dog’s happy or guilty-looking expression may not mean exactly what you think, but humans are finally closer to resolving the question, "How do dog brains work?"