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Which Dog Breed Should You Get, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 29 Jan 2018 367.6k views12 items

Do you often find yourself looking up to the stars and seeing an adorable, barking bundle of fluff just begging to be loved forever? If so, then the fates might be telling you that it’s time to bring a dog into your life. While dogs may be humans' best friends, they also happen to be a lot of work, so it’s important to think carefully about what breed would fit your own unique lifestyle. Just like when you're picking a romantic partner, choosing a pup is easiest when you check your star chart.

Humans have been turning to their zodiac sign for advice since practically forever, especially when it comes to making important decisions like which career path to choose or which unicorn hair color best suits you. One could reason that if there is a perfect job or partner for everyone based on his or her astrological destiny, then there must also be perfect dog breeds for each zodiac sign, too.  

See for yourself what kind of pooch will make the perfect addition to your brood.

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