How To Determine Which Dog Is Right For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Trying to pick out the perfect dog can be a grueling decision. Figuring out what breed suits your personality is a challenge for new and experienced pet owners alike. Your ideal doggo can be easily determined by how well they line up with your expressive Myers-Briggs personality test traits. Just like you, each dog has its own character traits, and you want to make sure you click with your future furry roommate. Matching dogs for your Myers-Briggs personality type can give you more insight about yourself and help you figure out if you're really suited to handle your future pet.

People say you can tell a lot about a person from the type of pet they own. If you're social, you'll probably want a dog that loves people; if you're more introverted, you might want a dog that's relaxed or easy to train. Pairing up dog breeds for Myers-Briggs types before you dive into your new adoption can guarantee you and your companion are a match made in heaven.

  • ISTJ: Saint Bernard

    ISTJ is the personality type of "The Logistician" - intelligent and realistic, loyal and protective. ISTJ personalities value their families and work diligently and logically through any situation.

    Much like the Saint Bernard, these prompt and practical people have a history of coming to the rescue. The Saint Bernard's giant size comes in handy with both work and emergency assistance, making it the perfect companion for reliable, responsible ISTJs.

  • ISFJ: Shetland Sheepdog

    Someone with an ISFJ personality type is the perfect match for the loyal and protective Shetland Sheepdog. Given the title "The Defender," an ISFJ needs a pupper that will be equally dedicated to preserving the peace and harmony of its environment.

    Who's better at keeping the peace than a natural-born herder? This gentle and smart dog will get along perfectly with the quiet and friendly ISFJ and the two of them will be completely committed to each other.

  • INFJ: Siberian Husky

    "The Advocate" describes the strong-willed, independent, and intuitive INFJ. With such particular personality traits, an INFJ will value a companion that complements these attributes instead of getting in the way.

    The Siberian Husky is intelligent and has a powerful personality. First-time owners might find them hard to handle, but INFJs' ability to connect deeply with others and not lose sight of their goals will make managing this smart and spunky dog a piece of cake. 

  • INTJ: Doberman Pinscher

    Defined as "The Architect," the INTJ personality is original, skeptical, and independent. It takes a lot to earn the respect of this noble thinker. INTJs are well-organized, extremely bright, and often seen as "bookworm" types.

    The alert and intelligent Doberman Pinscher will have lots to learn from an INTJ, who will be patient, dedicated, and perfectly capable of training this breed to its peak performance. Dobermans have lots of energy and bond closely with their companions, making them a happily loyal pet for an inquisitive and innovative person.

  • ISTP: Bulldog

    Not only are ISTP personalities tolerant, but they're also bold and crafty - making them perfect builders and engineers. Earning the label "The Virtuoso," these practical problem-solvers need a kind, collected friend rather than a bundle of spontaneous energy.

    Enter the bulldog, a gentle creature that makes for a perfect fit with the Virtuoso. Bulldogs will be able to keep up with the energy ISTPs dedicate toward their daily activities without any aggression getting in the way.

  • ISFP: Shiba Inu

    Charming, energetic, and a bit temperamental when you don't see eye-to-eye, an ISFP personality - "The Adventurer" - loves exploration and excitement, finding expression in every aspect of life. ISFPs need just the right companion - and that's where Shiba Inu comes in.

    The charismatic and sassy Shibas are natural hunters, full of energy and looking for any way to use it all up. Because they crave activity, these dogs can be difficult to train - but that's no problem for the equally spirited Adventurers.