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Which Dog Breeds Would Be Sorted Into Which Hogwarts Houses?  

Samantha Dillinger

Everyone always wonders about what Hogwarts house they would get sorted into, but have you ever considered where your pet dog might end up? Thankfully, the video below lays out the perfect Hogwarts house for your breed of dog.

When the Sorting Hat falls upon your head, it looks over all the traits that make you specific or useful for a particular house. Naturally, some dogs possess traits which make them ideal for one of the famous Houses.

With that in mind, one can make an educated guess about where their witchy little pooch would best belong. A friendlier breed of dog fits in perfectly with the warmheartedness of Hufflepuff, and a sharp-minded canine makes a great fit for Ravenclaw.

Watch the video below to learn about which breeds of dogs belong in which Hogwarts house. No longer will it be known as Hogwarts: it is now Dogwarts.