Fails 29 Hilarious Dog Fails  

Ashley Reign
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You ever have one of those days where the cards just seem to be stacked against you at every turn? Well if so, you’re about to find yourself in good company because the pooches you’ll meet in the following dog fail gifs can relate. These little dudes and gals are having a rough day and are here to give the reassurance that you’re not alone in your occasional feelings of epic failure.

So the next time your day isn’t going exactly how you’d planned or hoped, take a load off and enjoy a laugh as these adorable little guys attempt to navigate the world. We’ve got pups of all shapes, breeds, and sizes failing adorably as they attempt to do everything from romp through the snow to climb up an embarrassingly low step for the first time. You’ll see puppies realize that confidence is not always everything when it comes to leaping onto an inviting sofa, and say “aww” over the embarrassment of a huge dog who has been exiled to a tiny cat bed as a feline naps on his own.

Whether these adorable dog fails are the result of way too much ambition on the part of a tiny puppy or not quite enough on the part of an unamused older pooch, they’re guaranteed to be the best part of your next bad day. So come on in and own your own fails with the best of them as you realize that sometimes, epic fails happen to even the most adorable of us. 
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"Up, Up, and... Awww"

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"I Can't Put My Finger on It, but Something Seems a Little... Wait a Minute!"

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The Double Fluffy Fail Flip

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"Hey, Can You Pass the... Whoop, Nevermind, I Got It"

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