The 20 Biggest Dog Myths, Debunked

You might think you know everything about your dog. After all, he is your best friend, is he not? His favorite squeaky toy, his favorite place to nap, his favorite spot to get a rub... these are things that are easy to figure out, but what is he thinking when he wags his tail? What does it mean when he has a dry nose? Are these things indicative of a dog's state of mind or health? What do we really know about dogs?

Whether it's a tip from a neighbor or something you read in a book, myths about dogs can steer you in the wrong direction. Some of these sayings and old wives tales have been around for centuries, but, in reality, many are simply myths that amount to bad advice. What are the true dog facts? Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about dogs that just won't die, as well as some truths to help separate fact from fiction.