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The Punniest Dog Names for Your Puppy Pals

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Don’t you love those dogs whose personalities just don’t really seem to fit generic dog names like “Spot” or “Princess”? Perhaps you’re even considering adopting a new dog who’s as unique as you are and want to give your new buddy an epic name to match. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve put together a collection of hilarious dog name puns to help you decide what to dub your new best friend.

They say that dogs tend to reflect the unique traits of their owners, so why not give your fur baby a name that celebrates your shared interests? If you’ve got a little buddy you love to snuggle up and read with, you’re going to love some of the great literary pun names you’ll find below. Or perhaps you’re more the popular entertainment type and love listening to music or watching movies with your four-legged pal? If so, then you’ll get a kick out of some of the funny dog name puns you’ll find below that are derived from rappers, artists, and even talk show hosts. We’ve even got names for your favorite furry little trouble makers, based on famous bad boys like mobsters or pirates!

So whether you’ve just adopted a larger than life pooch or are just up for a great laugh, scroll down and let the funny dog related puns begin! Not only do we have some of the funniest, most eye-roll worthy dog puns around, we’ve even got adorable pups demonstrating the personality types each would fit perfectly!