Weird Nature This Dog Rescued Chickens Buried Under Snow And It's One Of The Most Adorable Thing You'll Ever See  

Rebecca High

Just when you thought there's nothing cuter than dogs frolicking in snow, this heroic doggo proves there's so much more to canines than an adorable aesthetic. This video of a Labrador retriever named Chase has proven not only his preciousness but also his heroism.

Chase grew up on a farm in Nova Scotia alongside a menagerie of animals including two chickens. His owner, who filmed this video, writes that Chase has "kept an eye on the chickens and wold help protect them from wild animals. He watched over them since they were tiny chicks — he is a kindhearted dog."

When the chickens end up stuck in deep snow, Chase helpfully nudges his buddies out of the cold trap and gently herds them back to their coop like a patient caretaker.

Dogs aren't only a human's best friend, it seems. They like chickens, too! Check out this video and see the delightful yet surprisingly relationship between these adorably domesticated animals.