Weird Nature This Dog Was Dumped In A Garbage Truck And Found Alive In A Landfill  

Mick Jacobs

They say cats come with nine lives, but one dog in Australia came through with at least one extra life too. Footage from an Aussie garbage truck shows one poor pooch getting thrown into a waste pit, facing what must have been a harrowing ordeal.

While stuck in the back of the vehicle, the dog miraculously managed to keep itself from getting crushed by the vehicle's crushing blade. Even still, the footage is scary enough to make you feel awful for the unfortunate canine.

After surviving the garbage truck, the dog ended up in a landfill where it was eventually rescued. Australian authorities began looking into the case to determine if someone did this intentionally.

Luckily, the pooch in question, Trippie, got another lease on life, one it definitely earned for itself. Watch the harrowing footage of the dog's daring escape from death, all while getting pelted with pieces of trash.