Weird Nature A Dog Saved A Hummingbird And They Became Best Friends  

Kate Jacobson
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Sometimes opposites attract and become best friends. This is definitely the case for Rex and Hummer, an unlikely animal duo whose story of friendship, healing, and love will make even the coldest of hearts melt.

While taking his walk, Rex, a rescue pup, discovered Hummer, a little hummingbird, injured on the ground. He and his owner, California resident Ed Gernon, decided to save the bird. What Gernon didn't know at the time was that the two animals would share an unbreakable bond and show us all about what love truly looks like. Someone pass the tissues - there are about to be some waterworks. 

Rex - A Rescue - Paid It Forward When He Found Hummer

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Rex was rescued by Ed Gernon in 2016. Before moving into his new Southern California home, Rex was a stray on the street, just trying to make it out there on his own. This is why Gernon said he was completely unsurprised when Rex wouldn't leave a little bird that appeared to be dead alone. 

Gernon told CBS Los Angeles that Hummer was clinging to life on the ground while Gernon and Rex walked by her. But then Rex refused to leave her side, which prompted Gernon to pick her up and take her home.

"He was trying to protect her, so I thought I'd go the distance," Gernon said. 

Hummer Was Nursed Back To Health And Fell In Love With Rex

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Gernon nursed Hummer back to health, feeding her a special formula and teaching her how to fly using a hair dryer. While Gernon and Hummer started forming their own bond, it was Rex and Hummer whose love truly flourished. Soon, Rex was sharing his water dish with Hummer, playing around with her, and becoming best friends. Gernon said the two became inseparable, and Hummer followed Rex around like a love-sick puppy. 

Though Hummer Has To Go Her Own Way, Her Inspiring Love Will Go On

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Gernon said he knows Hummer is going to have to spread her wings and fly away soon, but what the tiny, little hummingbird gave to him and Rex is something that will last forever. Gernon told local news outlets that the inspiring tale of a rescue dog -  forced to live as a stray on the street, fighting off predators - and how he rescued and loved a tiny little bird is inspiring. 

"I rescued this dog. He rescues the bird," he told CBS Los Angeles. "The bird rescues all of us in a weird sense and it's just a miracle."