Weird Nature Watch This Dog Entertain Crowd At A Game By Skipping Rope  

Mick Jacobs

During most breaks in sporting events, cheerleaders or marching bands are responsible for entertaining otherwise unoccupied crowds. But in the video below, a different type of performer makes an auspicious debut on the basketball court.

The performer in question is a dog, and its talent involves jumping rope, specifically a double-dutch routine. As if that doesn't already sound immensely cute, two of the rope holders also happen to be pooches.

Although everyone loves a good cheer routine or marching band-version of Michael Jackson, bringing canines into halftime performances might be the next big thing for venues to try out. Hey, maybe it'll get some Puppy Bowl enthusiasts onboard.

Watch the video below to see exactly why the world needs more dogs in sports. Now that people know this type of entertainment works, the next step should involve getting Boo the Pomeranian to headline the Super Bowl.