The 13 Best Subscription Boxes For Your Favorite Doggo

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Let's face it — we love to spoil our dog. Our four-legged friends shower us in unconditional love, so why shouldn't we return the favor? Subscription boxes for dogs are all the rage now, and you can bet there are some top-notch options for dog-related goodies. Dogs subscription boxes include anything from treats to toys to chews. In some boxes, there's even a little something extra for their owners!

This list features some of the best subscription boxes for both small and large dogs that feature some excellent choices for treating your pup. Delivered monthly, each box contains everything you need to create fun memories with your canine companion. Some are more luxurious, while others are more cost-effective. Plus, there are even a few options for doggos who are heavy chewers, so you can rest a little easier knowing your furniture is safe. With so many options, there's a box for every budget and every dog. Several subscription services even allow you to customize your box to your dog's size.

So whether you have a Great Dane or a teacup Chihuahua, your pet will be more than satisfied with the contents of each box. Your dog will be happy, and therefore you will be happy. What are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more about these "paw-some" subscription boxes that are perfect for dog-owners. Vote up the boxes you think are best for treating your furry friend.

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    WagWell Box
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    WagWell is about as straightforward as dog subscription boxes go. You get two bags of organic treats, two toys, and two bully sticks. You can list the size of dog you have, to ensure the toy size is just right. If your dog goes through toys like no one's business, you can also have an extra toy added to the box for a small fee. Not to mention, the treat flavors are delicious. Coconut apple pie macaroons? Um, can humans eat these as well? 

    • Regular Box - $34/month
    • Extra Toy - $43/month
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  • The Dapper Dog Box
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    If your dog prefers the finer things in life, then The Dapper Dog Box is the perfect choice for you. Each box includes two bags of healthy dog treats (including flavors like turmeric latte!) and two adorable toys. Each box has a unique theme, like Fun in the Sun and Under the Sea. What really makes this box stand out, however, is the exclusive dog bandana you receive each month. The box is cute and totally Instagrammable, which is a huge bonus. 

    • Regular - $35.99/month
    • Heavy Chewer - $39/month
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    Pug Box
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    Pug owners know how special these little smushy-faced dogs can be. That's why Pug Box specializes in doggie goods that are tailored for pugs. The toys and treats are perfect for pugs' compact size. On top of that, there's even a pug-themed gift for you, the owner! If you or someone you know is a crazy pug lady/man, this is the subscription box to get.

    • Pug Box - $27.50
    • Premium Pug Box - $36.50
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  • Bully Bundles
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    Any dog owner knows that dogs love to chew. In fact, it's great for their dental health and keeps them mentally stimulated. You can never have too many digestible, chewable items for your pet. Thanks to Bully Bundles, restocking your bully sticks has never been so easy. Healthy and long-lasting, bully sticks will make your dog's (and your) life so much easier. Because it helps to have a dog subscription box for heavy chewers, Bully Bundles is a must. 

    • 6" Bully Sticks - Bundle of 10 - $23/month
    • 12" Bully Sticks - Bundle of 10 - $48/month
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  • Pooch Perks Premium Customized Dog Boxes
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    Pooch Perks is all about customizability. You tell them your dog's size, and whether they prefer plush or rubber toys. This is key, because every doggie is different! You can also upgrade from the Popular Pooch to the Pampered Pooch if you have multiple dogs. If you're covered on treats, you can also just order the toys by themselves. The options are endless!

    • Popular Pooch - $23.75
    • Pampered Pooch - $44
    • Toys Only - $21.15
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    This sweet little subscription box is great for creating memorable everyday moments with your dog. This monthly toy and treat combo is a great way to show your dog a little extra love. If you're big into holidays, there's even an option that allows you to have a package come every time there's a special occasion. From New Year's to Thanksgiving, your dog will be feeling festive all year.  

    • Annual Holiday Care Package - $19.99/month
    • Treats Only Everyday Care Package - $34.95/month
    • Treats & Toys Everyday Care Package - $44.95/month
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