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13 Dog Underbites You Won't Be Able to Handle

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Feeling a little down as the work day wears on? Looking for an excuse to smile, preferably a four-legged and furry one? Then look no further, for here we’ve collected a gallery full of adorable dog underbites photos for no other reason than that we find them too adorable to resist. These jaw-jutted little dudes and dudettes will be sure to make you grin as they set out to prove once and for all that underbite is beautiful and if their cute dog underbites don't melt your heart then nothing will.

So scroll on down and get ready for a grin with a whole lot of lower lip with these canine underbite-bearing beauties. Whether you’re bummed about the braces in your own underbite’s future and need to find yourself in good company or just need a giggle to get you through the day, we’ve got just the thing to make you smile. From bold beauty queens to tiny tough guys, bulldogs to precious pugs, we’ve got the cutest puppies with underbites on the internet. Without further ado, we give you the cutest dog underbites the web has to offer. 

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    'Forget The Underbite, How About My Sweater?'

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    'Oh, Hey. Just Chillin'...'

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    'I'm Bringing Bow Ties Back.'

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    'Albert, Would You Please Bring The Car Around?'

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