The Most Epic Dog Vs. Cat GIFs 

Ashley Reign
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Over the centuries, there have been a few select rivalries that have, over time, escalated to the status of epic. Who hasn't heard of the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, for instance? The good guys vs. all things evil? No matter how intensely all other rivalries may rage however, it seems that none shall ever achieve the legendary status of dogs vs. cats.

Throughout the ages, dogs and cats have had nothing short of a... shall we say "complicated" relationship, as they battled it out for the status of man’s all-time favorite furry little companion. Though the dog vs. cat conflict has occasionally resulted in tragedy, many times witnessing a sneak- attack bat to the nose is just kind of hilarious. That’s why we’ve gathered a collection of light-hearted, funny dogs and cats gifs for your viewing pleasure. Here you can enjoy the fun of dogs and cats engaged in their epic quest to annoy one another without the stress of having to restrain a smile as you break up the conflict.

Below you’ll witness some of the most preciously patient cats and dogs in the world, as they drift into Buddha-like states while attempting to ignore the oncoming taunts of a kitten or puppy coming at them with paws flying. You’ll also witness a few less patient contenders however, who are sick of being messed with and are one more yap away from doing a little paw slinging themselves. Whether you’re a die-hard cat lady or a lifelong dog guy, these adorable dogs vs. cats gifs are sure to leave you with a smile on your face.
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