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Your Dog Does Feel Jealousy And Yes You Should Feel Bad About It

If you've ever noticed your dog get agitated when you're loving on another pet, you might have wondered if dogs get jealous. Jealousy is actually one of many emotions that canines share with humans and they feel it strongly when their owners pay undue attention to other animals or people. It can manifest with behaviors ranging from harmless whining to snapping at whomever is stealing their spotlight. 

Because it's a more complicated emotion, scientists believed that jealousy was exclusive to man's highly evolved thinking process. A dog's brain processes emotions in much the same way that a human's does, though. In fact, the average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old human; that makes them some of the smartest animals in the world

Understanding your pet's jealousy can help the two of you grow closer. It can also make you worry but there are ways to curb a dog's less-than-ideal behaviors.