Weird Nature These Dogs Reuniting With Their Human Is The Best Thing You'll See Today  

Mick Jacobs

Usually, the worst part of a vacation involves coming home, unless you have pets at home who are excited to see you. In the video below, one police canine handler comes home to some extremely enthusiastic friends.

North Yorkshire police officer Marc Richardson hadn't seen his two canine friends, Dutch and Bailey, for two weeks. If you factor in "dog time," it felt like 14 weeks for the two dogs.

When they see their handler in the doorway, they immediately rush to greet him the only way dogs know how: with a lot of bouncing, licking, and tail-wagging.

It's one of the best reasons to get a dog in the first place: to have someone welcome you back to the comfort and love of your home. If you don't quite understand that feeling, then you need to watch this video (and maybe get yourself a dog).