10 Dogs Who Were Clearly Raised By Cats

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Dogs and cats are mortal enemies, right? Everyone has stories about dogs who are terrified of cats, or who bark them straight out of their yards. Not so fast – there's plenty of photographic evidence that there are actually dogs who love cats. Here you'll meet dogs who have decided they'd rather cat today with their fluffy friends, even and especially if said friends happen to be of the feline variety.

These animals acting like other animals blur the line between canine and kitty kind, living together in one big happy state of kitty perch sharing love. Pictures of dogs raised by cats will remind you that peace can have it's perks, as they demonstrate various skills picked up from their kitty counterparts. 

So the next time someone tells you to beware the dangers of adopting both cats and dogs, point them in the direction of these guys. They prove that it's not only possible for dogs and cats to cohabitate, but to form deeply adorable friendships as well.