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Dogs So Ugly They Are Cute

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Have you ever noticed how dogs are sort of like babies, in that it's rare to see a truly ugly one? Something about their soulful eyes or wiggly personas is enough to entice any human to pet their adorable heads. Here, however, you’ll find a collection of dogs who possess a more… unique look than most pooches at your average dog park. What may surprise you even more than their unusual little faces is that their strange appearances are actually part of their charm. You see, this is a group of dogs so ugly they are cute.

While cute is a subjective term, we dare you not to crack a grin as you stare into the faces of these creepy looking little creatures. Though their eyes may be googly, their teeth may be crooked, or their hair may be non-existent, there’s just something adorably different about this bunch. Whether they couldn’t care less about their looks or they’ve heroically set out to defy pet beauty stereotypes, these little ones are ready to work their magic on you.

So come celebrate diversity with these cute ugly dogs! We’ve got everyone from contestants in the official World’s Ugliest Dog Contest to everyday pooches just going with the flow. Tell us which ones are the cutest (in an ugly kind of way) by voting your favorites to the top!