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Wholesome Pictures Of Dogs That Ate Bees (The Dogs Turned Out Fine)

Updated October 20, 2020 75.8k views19 items

We warned them. We told our good boys and good girls that it was a terrible idea, but dogs love bees. For a pup, a buzzing little bumblebee might as well be a basket of fresh, warm bread at New York City's trendiest restaurant when you're starving after waiting three hours in line just to try one of their dumb, Instagram-famous milkshakes that don't even taste good. In this instance, your dog is that dumb Instagrammed milkshake (because you're certainly taking a picture), and the only thing that feels stupid is his swollen little mug.

These poor pups took themselves to the all you can eat beeffet – they walked right in the VIP section and chomped away, but it was a rip-off. These kinds of places are always rip offs, as any other dog that ate bees could probably have told you. The embarrassment definitely stings them, but it gives us lots to laugh at. Enjoy this bee-autiful collection of funny pictures of dogs who ate bees.

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