17 Incredible Dogs Who Have Saved Babies  

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Dogs are adored the world over for being friends, allies, and trusty dispensers of unconditional love. But sometimes they do even more. Sometimes dogs save children. Sometimes they save babies. There is absolutely no higher qualification for being man's best friend than that, is there?
The tales of dogs rescuing children are some of the most inspirational stories ever. Just who are these dogs who've have come to the rescue of babies in danger? These incredible dogs will shock you with their selflessness. Vote up the most amazing examples of heroic dogs who've rescued children and give a well-earned "Atta boy. Good dog!" where credit is due.
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In May of 2014, China, a German Shepherd mix, proved just how strong maternal instincts can be when she saved a newborn baby in Argentina who'd been abandoned in a field by her teenage mother. Upon hearing the baby's cries, China picked up the child and carried her to the shelter where she was nursing her own puppies. When authorities arrived on the scene, the baby was found nestled down, keeping warm with the pups. Doctors reported that the child would have died from exposure if heroic China had not carried the child to the safety of her den.
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In July of 2010, Thor, a pit bull, not only woke his family up to warn them of a fire by jumping and barking at them, but he also grabbed 3-month-old baby Shelby's bassinet and dragged it to the front door. “We kept pushing him away like, "Yeah, we’ll take you outside in a little bit. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. We’re asleep." We kept pushing him away and then I pushed him one time to turn around and he hit me in the face with both paws and he nipped at me and I sat up, you know, my dogs never done that.” said owner Kemper Hunter. “I’m overwhelmed. I mean I thank God for my dog. He saved my child. He saved my girlfriend and he saved me.” The Elkhart Indiana County Red Cross dubbed Thor a hero for his actions. Many people that own pitbulls boast about the extreme loyalty and devotion that these dogs possess... knowing this makes what happens to the frequently maligned dogs even more heart-breaking. A hero like Thor shows the world what dogs like this really can be.
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Mkombozi means "savior," and that is exactly what the stray, mixed breed dog was to a newborn girl in Kenya in 2005. While foraging for food, the nursing dog retrieved an abandoned baby girl in a forest and carried the infant across a busy road, through a barbed wire fence, and into a low-income neighborhood bordering the Ngong Forests in Nairobi, where she had been sheltering her own litter of puppies. Mkombozi's story is legendary in Nairobi, Kenya, if not the world. It was speculated that the dog was possibly trying to care for the child because her puppies had died. The Kenya SPCA (KSPCA) decided to adopt Mkombozi soon after, putting her days of scavenging for food to an end. Baby "Angel," as the infant was named, also found a new home.

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Sugar, a 6-year-old, white pit bull stayed by the side of 2-year-old Colby Ridgeway after the boy disappeared from his Panola County, Mississippi, home in May of 2012. The boy had wandered off a mile away from his home with Sugar following through ravines and over hills, finally ending up in a ditch. Three hundred people came out for the search, though Colby was found by a father and son pair that had heard Sugar's barking and were lead to the boy. "She was running up to the road and back down to the spot he was at," said the searchers. 

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