Celebrity Trivia 24 Weird and Charming Facts About Dolly Parton  

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Dolly Parton is not only one of the greatest living legends performing country music today, but she’s also one of America’s biggest exports. Dolly brings in millions of dollars of revenue a year on the back of her undying singles and massive world tours. But who is Dolly Parton? Most people only know the wise-cracking, bluegrass-playing perma-blonde that shows up every couple of years on TV to play “9 to 5,” but the Dolly Parton biography is full of heartbreak and a never-ending drive to succeed. Whether you’re one of Parton’s biggest fans, or you’re a newcomer to this country/pop crossover mega-star, keep reading these Dolly Parton facts to find out more to love about this superstar.

After six decades in the music business, there’s almost no end to the Dolly Parton trivia, and the singer herself seems to relish dropping hints about her real life into every interview she gives. After you’ve spent any time reading about the singer, it’s obvious that she knows where she fits into the modern cultural landscape as America’s campy country aunt, and she dishes out enough homespun and sassy wit to fill that role perfectly. If you only know Parton’s singles, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about Dolly Parton family history, and dispel a few rumors that have plagued her since she first hit Nashville.

She's Covered in Secret Tattoos


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There have always been rumors about what Dolly Parton looks like under her many ornate gowns (all of which have long sleeves), and one of the most persistent ones is that she's covered in tattoos. Well, that story is sort of right. It turns out that she does have tattoos (mostly dedicated to her husband), but they began as a way to hide unsightly scarring from various cosmetic surgeries: "I do have a few little tattoos, but they were mostly done to cover scars because I'm so fair…So it started with that."

She Lost a Dolly Parton Look-A-Like Contest


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There have always been persistent rumors of Dolly entering a look-a-like contest and losing, but to hear that it actually happened somehow makes her even more endearing:

They had a bunch of Chers and Dollys that year, so I just over-exaggerated - made my beauty mark bigger, the eyes bigger, the hair bigger, everything. All these beautiful drag queens had worked for weeks and months getting their clothes. So I just got in the line and I just walked across, and they just thought I was some little short gay guy. I got the least applause.

She Used to Wake Up Every Morning Covered in Pee


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So this is super gross, but in a Playboy interview from 1978, Parton revealed that because she had to share a bed with her brothers and sisters when she was growing up, she woke up every day to someone wetting the bed:

The kids peed on me every night. There were so many of us. We slept three and four in the bed. I would wash every night, and as soon as I go to bed, the kids would wet on me and I'd have to get up in the morning and do the same thing. [But] that was the only warm thing we knew in the winter time. That was almost a pleasure - to get peed on - because it was so cold. Lord. It was as cold in the room as it was outside.

She Flirts with a Lot of Men, But Always Comes Back to Her Husband


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The secret to Dolly's 47-year marriage to her husband, Carl Dean? Time apart. Though rumors have circulated for decades about Dolly's many affairs, pairing the singer with everyone from Burt Reynolds to Sylvester Stallone (and some women, too), Dolly insists that she's nothing more than a flirt:

I love to flirt, and I've never met a man I didn't like... Men are my weakness. Short, fat, bald or skinny -  I've had crushes on some very unusual men but Carl knows I'll always come home and I'm not having sex with these people - I'm just flirtin' and having fun.

The couple reportedly have a stable, loving marriage despite Dolly's roving eye, and the fact that she spends half the year away on tour while he stays home managing a farm and his paving business in Tennessee.

The pair met when Dolly was only 18, and she says, "I think Carl will always see me the way he did when we first met, just as I do him. We'll never be old to each other."