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People Share Small Details About Dolly Parton That Prove She Is The Best Human On Planet Earth

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Dolly Parton is trying her best to make the world a better place, one kind act or astounding endeavor at a time. From helping people who lost their home to raging fires to giving away millions of books to children in need, Dolly is living proof that angels are on Earth. Here are a few facts about Ms. Parton that are nothing short of amazing. Vote up the fact that makes you sing out, "I will always love you." 


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    She Humbly Declined To Have A Statue Of Herself Outside The Tennessee Capitol

    In February 2021, lawmakers introduced a bill that would resurrect a statue of Dolly Parton in the state capital, but the songress requested  to “remove the bill from any and all consideration" as she believed that, "Given all that is going on in the world, I don’t think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time..."

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    She Helped Reduce The Drop-Out Rate At Her Former High School

    Posted by u/i-cant-twerk:

    In 1990, the high school dropout rate in Sevierville, Dolly Parton’s hometown, was over 30%. In 1991, she launched the Buddy Program, offering 7th and 8th graders $500 if they graduated. The dropout rate for those classes dropped to 6%, and has generally retained that average to this day.

    Click here to find out more about the Buddy Program. 

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    She Wrote 'I Will Always Love You' For Porter Wagoner And Meant Every Word. She Even Helped Him Financially After He Sued Her

    Posted by u/eetreezy:

    She wrote that song for Porter Wagoner after she broke off from his show that had made her a star, which he sued her for. Later, when he had tax problems, she bought his entire catalogue to help him out, then just gave it back to him for free once he was out of financial trouble.

    From The Guardian:

    In 1974, Parton decided it was time to go her own way and develop her career as a singer-songwriter and movie star. Wagoner sued her for $3m. She said that they split because of creative differences - "I was creative and Porter was different." Although the "divorce" eventually cost her $1m, she later bailed Wagoner out of tax problems, buying the publishing rights to his songs for hundreds of thousands of dollars before later returning them to him for free once he was again financially viable.

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    Even Metallica Bows Before Dolly

    The two music icons shared a stage at the Glastonbury festival, where Dolly pulled a larger crowd than either of the headliners Metallica and Arcade Fire, neither of which minded being eclipsed by the country music legend. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich stated:

    I'm a big fan. We all bow to the altar of Dolly.

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