23 Fun Facts You Should Know About Dolphins

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "dolphin"? Would you say Flipper? Or maybe you'd go with SeaWorld? These are about the closest interactions most of us have had to these amazing marine mammals. But they are so much more than trick performing and problem solving beauties. With over 43 species of dolphins living in all parts of the world these creatures are full of surprises. Check out this list of the most fun dolphin facts and learn why these animals are kings and queens of the ocean. 

This list of the most random dolphin facts will make you want to play with these sea creatures immediately. They are extremely smart and excellent communicators. Their list of unique traits goes on and on, no surprise as they're one of the smartest and most agile mammals in the world.

Did you know they communicate with clicks and even give themselves names? They also have 100 teeth and two stomachs, but swallow all their food whole. In addition, these animals are very similar to humans. Did you know that they even cry and can differentiate between sweet and sour? This is only the beginning in the long list of interesting dolphin facts.

  • Dolphins Are Born With Hair

    Dolphins are born with a patch of hair on the top of their rostrum (that's the mouth). This hair is what designates them as mammals, even though it falls out within two weeks of birth.

    Source: Dolphin Research Center
  • Dolphins Give Birth Differently Than Other Mammals
    Photo: Faraj assumed / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    Dolphins Give Birth Differently Than Other Mammals

    Dolphins are actually the only mammal that gives birth tail first. All others birth the head of their little bundle of joy first.

    Source: Dolphins World
  • Dolphins Have Midwives During Labor

    During birth, another female dolphin in the pod will assist the mother. They have been seen going as far as helping to pull the baby out.

    Source: Random History
  • Dolphins Have Unique Dorsal Fins

    All dolphins have dorsal fins, but each has a unique and individual one, kind of like a human fingerprint.

    Source: Dolphins World
  • Dolphins Can Swim Incredibly Fast
    Photo: FDrummondH / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    Dolphins Can Swim Incredibly Fast

    Dolphins have been observed swimming at 33 feet per second, for as long as seven seconds at a time! They get the power they need for these high speeds thanks to their powerful tails.

    Source: National Geographic
  • Dolphins Have Two Stomachs
    Photo: Dennis Otten / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    Dolphins Have Two Stomachs

    One stomach is used to store the food they eat and the second is used for digestion. In this way, dolphins are similar to cows on a farm (cows have four stomachs, though)!

    Source: Dolphins World