How Domino's '30 Minutes Or Less' Guarantee Resulted In A $78 Million Lawsuit

According to a 1993 lawsuit, Domino's "30 minutes or less" guarantee has cost people their lives. In order to deliver pizzas on time, delivery drivers drove recklessly and caused dozens of accidents - and over 20 fatalities - in the 1980s. In the Domino's 30 minutes or less lawsuit, a St. Louis woman won a $78 million verdict against the company. In response, Domino's eliminated the guarantee.

Starting in 1979, Domino's promised a pizza in less than 30 minutes. The 30-minute delivery guarantee drove astonishing growth in the 1980s, with the once-small chain skyrocketing to 5,000 stores before the end of the decade. Customers loved the guarantee, even shutting off their porch lights to game the system. Concurrently, people began to complain about the accidents caused by Domino's delivery drivers.

The massive verdict against Domino's ended the 30-minute guarantee - until Domino's found other ways to market itself as the "30-minute pizza" company.