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The Story Behind 'Don's Plum,' The Indie Film Leonardo DiCaprio Prefers To Forget  

Rebecca High

Before he was sliding off a shipwrecked door to his icy demise, Leonard DiCaprio was still taking swings at the big screen with his pals. One early film, Don's Plum, was an indie that has been all but lost — and for good reason. The tangled story of DiCaprio's lost movie is laid out in the video below.

The actor had a few reasons he might want to cover up some of his early shenanigans — he and his buddies Kevin Connolly and Tobey Maguire spent their teen years chasing women and getting into fights.

All three actors agreed to join their friends in a short film about guys hanging out in a diner. It's a straightforward snapshot of one night in adolescent boys' lives. When it was set to be released as a feature following the success of Titanic, however, DiCaprio was mortified, claiming he'd agreed to do the film only because it was supposed to be a short.

He went on to spend years attempting to keep Don's Plum from the public eye for fear of revealing "personal experiences or tendencies." One producer claimed the star was behind a “fraudulent and coercive campaign to prevent the release of the film." This video exposes more drama from behind the scenes of the film Leo doesn't want you to see.