15 People Share Horror Stories About Nightmare Neighbors So You Don't Become One

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Neighbors: vote up the worst stories you don't want to repeat.

Pretty much everyone has neighbors. And if you have them, there's a good chance you have your fair share of bad neighbor stories. To make sure you don't become one yourself, these Redditors are sharing their nightmare neighbor tales.

Read on to learn what not to do as a neighbor and vote up the very worst ones. 

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    He Used A Leaf Blower Multiple Times A Day Every Day

    From Redditor u/CooknSh*t:

    "Blower Dude" as the whole family refers to him. When we moved in he told my dad none of the neighbors got along with him (gee, wonder why) and they said since there were no deciduous trees on his property he would be blowing any leaves that fell into his yard over our fence. Ok.

    This guy used his leaf blower 4-5 times a day. He would spend hours carefully blowing the snow off his chain-link fence while it was still snowing. Wanna sleep in? You'll have to make it through his two backyard passes before 10, so good luck.

    It should be better in summer right? Nope, this guy actually mowed his lawn every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. Wish I were kidding. His pump house for irrigation water was on our property and somehow one Monday (dad's yard work day) Dad and the neighbor ended up in a fistfight over leaves in his little pump house thing. Police told him he's not allowed in our yard on Mondays because 6 days a week is plenty to water your lawn and boy was he p*ssed. Would go out to blow sh*t anytime anyone was in our backyard.


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    He Demanded They Cut Their Lawn And Then Yelled At Them... For Cutting Their Lawn

    From Redditor u/mug6688:

    My sister and I bought a house and on the day we moved in he approached my sister (I was driving the U-haul and wasn't there yet) and warned her that unless we mowed our lawn we would be fined. No "welcome to the neighborhood" or "Hi, my name is John"...just a demand that we mow our lawn before we even move a single item of furniture into the new house. 

    Tried to yell at me when I mowed my lawn and (apparently) didn't line up our properties perfectly and cut a few inches (literally) into his yard. I put the kibosh on that pretty quick, though.

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    He Blatantly Watched Children With Binoculars

    From Redditor u/tsim12345:

    We lived next door to this old man who sat in his front yard BLATANTLY just staring at us with binoculars. He only did it when my parents weren't home. When my mom confronted him he claimed we were lying. We weren't. So one night we hear a noise outside and my mom pulls up the blind to find herself eye to eye with this old man trying to look into our window.

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    He Was Constantly Yelling

    From Redditor u/mug6688:

    Constantly yelling at his wife and kids. They could never live up to his bullsh*t standards. Like if they were out raking leaves he would barge out barking "NO! YOU'RE DOING THAT WRONG!"

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    He Spun His Car Out Onto His Neighbor's Lawn

    From Redditor u/excusemef*cker:

    We live in a cul de sac in a newer development that has 3 empty lots in the middle, this is actually important.

    A few houses down the road there was a family that was mostly quiet, but their adult son lived with them. He drove a late 90s chevy cavalier that he would 'mod' himself. He had a plywood spoiler that he put on it. The worst part was he would drive as fast as that POS would take him in the neighborhood. In winter he took a turn too fast and ended up in my yard twice. He would come into the cul de sac and try to spin in circles. We asked him to stop and he wouldn't. We spoke to his parents, nothing. Finally, we called the county sheriff. That stopped it for a bit.

    Right before they lost the house to forclosure and moved out, he had cut the muffler off of the cavalier and was speeding around listening to it. He came flying into the cul de sac and couldn't stop. He jumped the curb, kept going through the lots and ended up in the field with tall grass. Took the keys and just walked off. 2 days later they were gone, with the car still there. My neighbors called the city, but they spent a week trying to 'figure out' how to get it out. A different neighbor and I used his Jeep and winch to get it out, then towed it to the city building parking lot and left it.

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    Her Dog Pooped Everywhere And She Was Always Screaming

    From Redditor u/ironylaced:

    I lived in a townhouse-style apartment before I got married. It was me and my roommate upstairs and a guy and a roommate downstairs. One of the guys had a girlfriend and a baby that was over all the time and eventually moved in, along with one of those little terrier dogs which we weren't allowed to have. Cute dog, but it would poop all over the common entrance that we shared and she didn't pick it up. Eventually, the roommate moved out and it was just the couple, the dog, and the baby. The walls were really thin and we could hear the couple screaming at each other and the baby wailing most nights. She didn't work and was there all day, so if a door accidentally slammed or you walked down the stairs too heavily she would come out and yell that you were going to wake up the baby.

    The Saturday we moved out we bumped the wall trying to carry the couch out to the truck, and she came out and screamed at all of us. We also had assigned parking and she liked to park in our spots.

    It was a nice apartment, but I was glad to get out mostly due to them. I felt bad for the guy, he had always been pleasant and seemed really embarrassed by her behavior.