Why It's Horrible To Dye Your Dog's Fur

Dogs are a man's best friend, if for nothing else than putting up pet owners dressing them up in silly outfits and dyeing them crazy colors. Dog hair dye is a growing trend that leaves our furry friends any color imaginable, sometimes several at once. Some pet owners get super creative with their ideas, dyeing and trimming their dog's hair to resemble another animal like a tiger or a character like Pikachu. While some people think that dyeing a dog's fur is harmless, more people agree that this is just a dog myth. Dyeing dogs is simply another one of those bad pet trends. 

Should you dye your dog's hair? There are many reasons why it's not a good idea and it's important for pet owners to educate themselves about the dangers of dog dye, including the physical and psychological effects on your canine companion. Also, remember your furry friend is a living creature and not a toy you can dress up or accessory piece you can change according to your wardrobe. But if you simply must dye your dog, there are "non-toxic" dyes you can purchase and it's very simple to make your own. Your furry friend will thank you.