Songs That Dissed Donald Trump  

Donn Saylor
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In his supporters, he inspires a devotion that is somewhere between fanatical and rabid; in his critics, he inspires disgust that is somewhere between outrage and nausea. And in many musicians, he's inspired music, as evidenced by this list of diss tracks about Donald Trump. In the grand tradition of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, musicians who dislike Donald Trump channel their political outrage into song.

Political protest songs have a long and noble history in the United States. "Yankee Doodle," for instance, was one of the country's first protest songs, written by British soldiers to make a mockery of their American counterparts; the American soldiers, however, claimed the song for themselves and ironically sang it as a way to taunt the British. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, from the civil rights struggle to the presidency of Donald J. Trump, the American protest song is, thankfully for democracy, alive and well.

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"Ringer" By Eminem
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No one is safe from Eminem on "Ringer," including 45. The 2018 track calls out Trump, referring to him as "Agent Orange." Lyrics include:

These verses are makin' him a wee bit nervous

'Cause he knows that he will lyrically get murdered

But I know at least he's heard it

'Cause Agent Orange just sent the Secret Service

To meet in person to see if I really think of hurtin' him

Or ask if I'm linked to terrorists

I said, "Only when it comes to ink and lyricists."


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"Campaign Speech" By Eminem
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Rap legend Eminem was one of the first high-profile musicians to come out swinging against Trump. His song "Campaign Speech" is a savage sucker-punch about then-candidate Trump, sung directly to his supporters. Em raps:

You say Trump don’t kiss a** like a puppet?

‘Cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the funding?

And that’s what you wanted?

A f*ckin’ loose cannon who’s blunt with his hand on the button

Who doesn’t have to answer to no one?

Great idea!

Those are arguably the tamer lyrics of the set.

Date Recorded: 2016

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"F*ck Donald Trump" By YG And Nipsey Hussle
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YG and Nipsey Hussle parse no words in their blunt diss of the president, "FTD" ("F*ck Donald Trump"). The song is a long, brutal critique of Trump the man and — since it was written pre-election — of the kind of president Trump would (and has since proven himself) to be. A sampling:

Don't let Donald Trump win, that n**** cancer

He too rich, he ain't got the answers

He can't make decisions for this country, he gon' crash us

No, we can't be a slave for him

He got me appreciatin' Obama way more.

Date Recorded: 2016

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"Million Dollar Loan" By Death Cab For Cutie
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Alt-rock darlings Death Cab for Cutie take aim at Trump in "Million Dollar Loan" — specifically, Trump's assertion that he's a "self-made" billionaire who started with a "small" million-dollar loan from his father. Lyrics include:

He built his fortune the old-fashioned way

Because to succeed

There's only one thing you really need

A million-dollar loan

Nobody makes it on their own

Without a million-dollar loan.

Date Recorded: 2016

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