The 15 Wildest, Most Inappropriate Things Donald Trump Has Said On Air With Howard Stern

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Everyday, there there appears to be yet another blunder, gaffe, or incredibly boneheaded comment coming from the White House. But when it comes to verbal screw-ups and general nastiness, this is not Donald Trump's first rodeo. He has been saying bizarre things for decades – some of them nonsensical, some of them plain offensive, but nearly all of them outrageous. Unsurprisingly, Howard Stern tends to bring out an even more primitive side to Trump; it's almost as if Stern's own pushing-of-the-boundaries gives Trump permission to make the most startling and bewildering statements. And to Stern's credit, it makes for good radio.


It doesn't, however, make for good governance, and the 45th Commander-in-Chief isn't exactly known for his tact or brevity. Oh well, at least there was a time – when we were all collectively a little more naïve – in which these Trump quotes were simply provocative. Love him or hate him, this collection of inappropriate Donald Trump quotes will make even his most loyal of continuants cringe.