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Rebecca Shortall
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Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un look as if they're neck and neck in a race to see who can make the world explode first. But with Trump being the supposed "leader of the free world" and Kim Jong-un being the dynastic dictator ruling over a poverty-stricken, starving nation, you would think that they would have absolutely nothing in common. Well, in actuality, they're two sides of the same coin. Sure, they may hate each other, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are the same person and there is a lot of evidence to prove it.  

Let's face it, there are loads of similarities between Trump and Kim Jong-un. Perhaps what makes them so vitriolic towards the other is the fact that they see everything they hate about themselves reflected back through the other person. Maybe that's even what drives them to threaten total annihilation at each other. Do you ever wonder that, had they met under different circumstances, they could actually be friends? Horrible, narcissistic friends bonding over daddy issues, mind you. Check out all the weird ways Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are alike and vote for the most indicting similarities.

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Those Haircuts

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That hair though...! Neither the North Korean dictator, nor the would-be dictator of the United States can seem to find a functional, flattering haircut for the life of them. You would never see these guys' headshots used as an example of a hairstylist's potential haircut options. If you did, just run far away from that salon; they will ruin you.  

Trump's extreme combover (or wig? What is it?) has been the source of much ridicule the world over. It's seminal in both its recognizability and terribleness. Kim's hair bears a similar iconography as it is equally gravity defying as it completely wrong for his face. Both of these men have no idea what to do with the top of their heads. Is this a sign of mutual levels of madness?  

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They Both Have Daddy Issues

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A lot of people have hypothesized that Trump has some deep-seated daddy issues that are causing him to act like an egomaniac. Stephen Colbert joked in his monologue about Trump needing to fill a father-sized hole in his heart. Journalist and Asian studies expert Isaac Stone Fish drew a comparison between Trump and Kim, citing father issues as a common link between the two:  

"One of the things [Trump] praised about Kim was taking over the family business, so to speak, when he was 26 or 27, which is roughly the same age that Trump took over the family business from his father, […] They share a very overbearing father and this desire to step out from the shadows of their patriarch," 

So there you have it. These two are trying to destroy the world because their fathers didn't love them enough.  

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They're Both Raging Narcissists

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Look, we're not armchair diagnosing anyone here. But you've got to admit, it doesn't come anymore narcissistic-seeming than Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. It's as if the pair of them are in a competition to prove which one is more likely to jerk it to a huge portrait ot their respective selves at night. How are they narcissistic? Let us count the ways.  

Donald Trump may be an inarticulate, babbling mess whose point become lost in his incoherence, but one thing is always clear in any speech he makes – it's all about him. Trump made his Black History Month speech all about himself; he decided it would be appropriate to talk about his perceived persecution by the press in front of the CIA memorial; he has found every opportunity to insert his delusions about his inauguration crowd size into any interview, conversation and press conference he could. It's all about him.  

Kim Jong-un's entire propaganda machine seems to be one big ego-stroke for the young dictator. He's presented as an ideal for the citizens of North Korea to emulate and it doesn't come much more self-obsessed than telling everyone you're the best and they should try and be like you. Psychologist Aubrey Immelman had suggested that Kim's father, former leader Kim Jong-il, may be a "hedonistic narcissist" and that this type of narcissist is known for "indifferent conscience, their fraudulence, and their skill in the art of deception." Of course, like father like son, which is why Kim Jong-un ended up taking over the country's leadership instead of the rightful heir, his older brother Kim Jong-nam. And coincidentally enough, the psychologist's assessment seems to be a definition that could fit Trump too... 

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They're Partial To Sitting In Big Trucks

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Remember back in March 2017 when Trump got behind the wheel of a truck and pretended to drive before miming honking a giant horn, like a huge toddler would? Guess who else looks as though they derive no greater pleasure from anything other than sitting in the driver's seat of a big old non-moving truck? It's Kim Jong-un! The pair of them love getting into an 18-wheeler for a photo op, looking like the big kids that they are. Big kids with unfathomable power, that is.  

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