11 Ways We Can Tell Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Are Probably The Same Person  

Rebecca Shortall
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Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un look as if they're neck and neck in a race to see who can make the world explode first. But with Trump being the supposed "leader of the free world" and Kim Jong-un being the dynastic dictator ruling over a poverty-stricken, starving nation, you would think that they would have absolutely nothing in common. Well, in actuality, they're two sides of the same coin. Sure, they may hate each other, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are the same person and there is a lot of evidence to prove it.  

Let's face it, there are loads of similarities between Trump and Kim Jong-un. Perhaps what makes them so vitriolic towards the other is the fact that they see everything they hate about themselves reflected back through the other person. Maybe that's even what drives them to threaten total annihilation at each other. Do you ever wonder that, had they met under different circumstances, they could actually be friends? Horrible, narcissistic friends bonding over daddy issues, mind you. Check out all the weird ways Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are alike and vote for the most indicting similarities.

They Grew Up In The Lap Of Luxury
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Donald Trump's childhood home was located in the wealthy enclave of Jamaica Estates, Queens, where he grew up in the lap of luxury thanks to his father's real estate wealth. Kim Jong-un grew up in a family that basically commandeered all the money in North Korea and pooled it into an insanely lavish lifestyle for one family. Both of them are the products of a ridiculous amount of entitlement and a disproportionately wealthy upbringing – they should be friends!  

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They've Both Taken Over The "Family Business"
They've Both Taken Over The
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Their businesses are a little different in nature, but the point still stands, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are both the beneficiaries of nepotism and they most probably would not be wielding the power they have today without extreme boosts from their respective families.  

Trump was born into wealth thanks to his father, Fred Trump, who made "a sizeable fortune from buying and selling properties for American soldiers and their families during World War II,"as Investopedia explains. Donald Trump then got into his father's real estate business in 1971, and hit a decent stride of real estate decisions before facing bankruptcy in the 1990s.  

Kim Jong-un also took upon himself the "family business" of being the dictator of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, when his father, Kim Jong-il, died in 2011. See how Trump and Kim Jong-un's trajectories are eerily similar? They're practically one and the same!  

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They've Created Some Buzzwords
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Trump's inability to handle criticism from the press led to him promoting a phrase that has unfortunately embedded itself into the cultural lexicon - "fake news." It can't be escaped. Whenever Trump, his cabinet or his supporters disagree with a valid point that casts any of them in a negative light, they simply scream "fake news" and act as if that has ended the argument. It's pervasive, it's catchy and it's damaging as hell.  

But Trump's not the only one that has managed to infect our vernaculars. Kim Jong-un's "dotard," a phrase he coined and recently fired at Trump, has caught on too. "Dotard" is shorthand for "mentally deranged" and "senile" and it seems to have irritated Trump to no end... and has also reintegrated itself into the everyday American's lexicon.

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Those Haircuts
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That hair though...! Neither the North Korean dictator, nor the would-be dictator of the United States can seem to find a functional, flattering haircut for the life of them. You would never see these guys' headshots used as an example of a hairstylist's potential haircut options. If you did, just run far away from that salon; they will ruin you.  

Trump's extreme combover (or wig? What is it?) has been the source of much ridicule the world over. It's seminal in both its recognizability and terribleness. Kim's hair bears a similar iconography as it is equally gravity defying as it completely wrong for his face. Both of these men have no idea what to do with the top of their heads. Is this a sign of mutual levels of madness?  

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