All Of Donald Trump's Nicknames For People, Ranked By How Inappropriate They Are

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Vote up the most unbelievably inappropriate nicknames that you can't believe the actual President of the United States has called someone.

As a man who often speaks in short, declarative spurts, President Donald Trump loves a good nickname, naturally. If you watch Trump interviews, read his tweets, or listen to his press conferences, you probably already know quite a few of them. POTUS has created nicknames for everyone from world leaders, to fellow politicians, to media professionals, and even famous journalists.

If you run through the Donald Trump list of nicknames, you may find yourself laughing at a few in spite of yourself; you're only human. Maybe you think "Sleepy Eyes" is such a good nickname for Chuck Todd and how weirdly specific is "Low Energy Jeb?" No adult would ever say something that rude in the real world, except Donald Trump just did and he's our president. So maybe you laugh a little and shake your head at Donald Trump's insane nickname-calling tweets in the same way that you'd quietly laugh at a schoolyard bully who is hilarious but shouldn't be encouraged.

But when Donald Trump publicly calls the leader of nuclear-armed North Korea "Rocket Man" in front of the United Nations is it still funny? When he started calling Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary" and mobs of people at his rallies chanted "lock her up" and there was actual, real violence, was that funny?

Regardless of your political affiliation, let's all take a moment and vote up the nicknames that are so inappropriate that they actually cross the line.

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