Politics What Is Donald Trump Hiding in His Tax Returns?  

Jacob Shelton
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Donald Trump's taxes have become a sticking point for people across the political spectrum: Democrats and classic conservatives want them released, alt-righters are cheering on Trump for refusing to release his tax returns, and regular Americans are trying to figure out what all of this means, and more importantly, what's in President Trump's tax returns? Wild theories abound, and while it’s likely that the craziest ideas probably aren’t true, there’s still a possibility that Trump is hiding a few damning tax practices in his IRS returns.

Why won't Donald Trump releases his tax returns? The real answer is probably closer to “he’s a smug, rich bully who doesn’t think rules apply to him,” but it would be a lot more fun (and less depressing) if his tax returns were full of donations from Russia and North Korea. For President Donald Trump, tax returns present the problem of exposing him for the huckster that he truly is. If he’s really as wealthy as he says, he would have released his returns months ago and not thought twice about the issue. Or maybe he’s worried that the American people will feel inadequate when we see how much money he really makes.

Vote up the things in Trump’s tax returns that you think he wants to keep quiet, and if you think there’s something nefarious hiding in The Donald’s tax returns not covered here – tell everyone in the comments.

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A Near-Total Lack of Charitable Donations

200 58
A Bevy of Offshore Accounts

194 64
That's He's Making Campaign Contributions to Himself from Shell Corporations

223 89
A Smaller Personal Fortune Than He Claims

176 74
How Much Outsourcing His Company Does

166 68
That He's a Stakeholder in Fox News and Breitbart

160 70
No Actual Assets

146 61
His Many Attempts to Write Off His Real Doll Collection as a Business Expense

137 56
The Actual Cost of the Make America Great Again Hats

164 84
The Fact That He Hasn't Actually Paid His Taxes in Years

127 65
That He Uses the 1040 EZ When Filing His Returns

157 93
Monetary Ties to Vladimir Putin

136 84
Enough Ridiculous Deductions to Make Your Blood Boil

135 84
Millions of Dollars in Black Lives Matter Donations

143 93
Shady Investments

113 71
Something Called "The Donald's Big Bizness Plan"

111 93
Lots of Redaction

115 100
The Massive Depreciation of Interest in His Real Estate Holdings

121 115
Gifts from Mysterious Russians

104 99
Associations with the Mafia

101 103
Donations to a Mistress

116 121
A Mountain of Debt

105 117
Massive Debt to the Chinese

86 114
He's Flat Broke

76 106
An Unfathomable Amount of Self Tanning Purchases