The Best of Donald Trump's Twitter  

Logan Rapp
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There's really nothing quite like Donald Trump's Twitter account. Donald Trump is a big character. There is nothing he does small; there is nothing he says quietly. Even on Twitter, even when he's not using caps, you feel like he's barely resisting the urge to do so out of some personal decorum. Regardless of your feelings about the man, his Twitter account is probably one of the most consistent sources of entertainment you can find on the Internet. 

You just never know what you're going to get when The Donald gets on Twitter. Sometimes it's about his run up to his presidential campaign, or discussions of issues, or, well, most often it's about himself, in some capacity. When you put your name on everything you've built, you tend to really have a rather high opinion of yourself. It's difficult to avoid. This list compiles together all the best tweets of Donald Trump. 

Whether it's him railing against the President, or talking about how his buildings are lucky for Derek Jeter, there's something for everyone on this list. So dig deep into this list, and upvote the best and most entertaining tweets from Trump's wild ranging list of zingers!
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Be Honest, the Source Is You, Right?

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You Take That Back Right Now

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It'd Be Entertaining, at Least

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Because That Information's Classified?

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