People Who Tried It At Home And Paid The Price  

Damon Davis
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People learn through mistakes, and some of the best lessons learned are from mistakes that leave a mark. Kids learn a lot by doing things they shouldn't and picking up some scrapes and bruises in the process. Maybe they got big into backyard wrestling and broke a bone, maybe they ate something that had no business being ingested, or maybe they tried to go somewhere they weren't supposed to be. These Redditors recount the times they 'tried it at home' and paid the price.

And in case it isn't obvious from the outcomes detail below, don't try these at home. Seriously.

They Rolled Themselves Up In A Sleeper Sofa

From Reddit user /u/Quorong:

When I was about 10, I folded myself into a sleeper sofa with the help of my cousin. Here's why this is an incredibl[y] bad idea:

You cannot breathe. You cannot move. You can shout for help, but your cries for help will travel at best 5 feet because your mouth is smothered by a mattress. The spring mechanism in combination with your weight will make it nearly impossible for someone to pull the mattress back out, unless they are very strong or you are very light[.]

My cousin had to run upstairs to get a grownup to flip the sofa on it's side so I could roll out. If I did this stunt while I was by myself I probably would have suffocated very quickly.

They Drained The Mercury From A Thermostat And Started Playing With It

From Reddit user /u/ds_wannabe:

I was about 10 or 11 when I broke an old analog thermometer, drained the mercury from the bulb. Then I proceeded to incorporate the tiny glob of mercury into all my little games for almost a week before the insides of my elbows and backs of my knees turned red and swollen. Got a stern lecture from the doctor.

They Ate Paintballs In An Attempt To Create Colorful Vomit

From Reddit user /u/efuhr795:

Ate a few paintball, and tried to vomit funny colors. Just ended up getting very sick, actually spent a few days in the hospital because of it. I learned that day that paintballs are awful tasting, and to never ever trust videos a brother shows you on the internet.

They Drank A Glow Stick

From Reddit user /u/Ted_lives:

I drank a glow stick. I was maybe 4 years old. I asked my grandmother what it tasted like and she said "let's find out." She cut the top with a pair of heavy fabric scissors and i took a little sip. I [spit] it out on contact. It both burned and made my mouth numb. That's all I remember. Years later my mom would tell me that was the day she knew my grandmother was losing her mind.