A Look Inside Doorways, The Bizarre Failed TV Pilot By George R.R. Martin

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on TV in 2017, yet the man who wrote the novels on which the show is based struggled for years as a TV writer, a profession he eventually abandoned. In 1992, GoT mastermind George R.R. Martin created a TV series called Doorways, for which a pilot was shot but never aired. This failure virtually ended Martin's TV career, which began long before the success of Game of Thrones on HBO, with stints writing for Beauty and the Beast and The Twilight Zone.

In Doorways, George R.R. Martin deals with alternate realities, aliens, and the quest to return home from the twisted pathways of the multiverse. It bares little resemblance to A Song of Ice and Fire. While half a dozen scripts were written for the show, only one episode, the pilot, was shot, and that was relegated to the dustbin of television history. Yet as any diehard GoT fan can attest, lost George R.R. Martin projects are worth taking a look at, if for no other reason than to see where they fit in the author's media legacy. 

While Doorways may not be a high fantasy adventure filled with dragons, it still forms a crucial piece of the puzzle that led to the creation of Game of Thrones. Plus, learning about the show will help you with your George R.R. Martin facts at your next trivia game. If you want to watch the Doorways pilot, you can buy or rent a digital copy