The Greatest Dorky Dads in Movies

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Characters must be dorky fathers from movies who are embarrassing to their kids.

There's something especially adorable about a dorky movie dad. Sure there's also the distant, strong, and silent archetype and the wisecracking action dad. But there's nothing quite like the goofy, (not always intentionally) funny, heartwarming father figure: those nerdy dads in movies.

Be it crazy holiday hijinks (Clark Griswold), important father and son moments gone awry (Jim's Dad from American Pie), a glimpse at how similar you are to your father via time travel (George McFly), a glimpse of your dad as an old woman (Daniel Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire), or the dads just dealing with the day to day job that is fatherhood (Cal Weaver from Crazy Stupid Love) these are the dorky movie dads we know and love most.

Movies are the highlight reels of important moments in life. They can teach us lessons, be there for us when we're upset, make us laugh, or show us the world in a way we never imagined. Just like real dads, these fictional dads are there for their fictional kids. These are the dorky dads we've all grown up thanks to the movies, so vote up your favorite movie fathers below and feel free to add other geeky, nerdy, all around dorky dad characters in film!
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