Unspeakable Times

Some People Say This Reporter Was Murdered Because She Knew Too Much About JFK's Death

Journalism can be a dangerous job, especially investigative journalism. History has documented numerous reporters who were kidnapped or murdered because of knowledge they may have possessed, and some theorists believe one of them is Dorothy Kilgallen, an American journalist and TV game show personality who died of an alleged drug overdose in 1965.

Kilgallen was known for being a panelist on the TV show What's My Line?, along with the "Voice of Broadway," a newspaper column she began writing in 1938. At its height, Kilgallen's column appeared in over 140 newspapers in the United States. Her articles mostly centered around celebrity gossip and show business, but one of her final research projects involved both politics and crime - the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. While investigating the case, however, Kilgallen passed, leaving many to speculate whether there was more to her death.

No one has ever proved anything other than what the autopsy claimed, but one modern lawyer and author, Mark Shaw, has taken it upon himself to investigate her life and death. Was Dorothy Kilgallen slain or was it merely a case of an accidental overdose? Shaw claims there may have been foul play and something more sinister than an OD, and is committed to opening a broader investigation into the mysterious story. Kilgallen may have been the journalist who knew too much - and paid the price for it.