Everything You Need To Know About Double Cleansing – The One Skincare Tip To Rule Them All

If you're a fan of skincare tips, then you've heard about double cleansing. But what is double cleansing, and how exactly do you do it? Rest assured, it's incredibly simple. A few easy-to-follow steps will help you master the perfect double cleanse. Once you do, you'll get what all the hype is about.

Whether you're struggling to clear up excess oil, add extra moisture, or just thoroughly cleanse your face at the end of the day, the double cleansing skincare routine may be for you. And don't be worried about the time, either – though it sounds high maintenance, rest assured that double cleansing adds no more than a minute or two tops to your daily skincare routine. 

Check out what double cleansing is all about, find out whether it's right for you, and learn how to become a double cleansing master if you should so chose. It'll make a world of difference for your skin.

  • It Involves An Oil-Based Cleanser And A Traditional Cleanser


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    So, what exactly is double cleansing? Essentially it's washing your face twice at the end of the day: once with an oil-based cleanser, and then again with an additional product, usually a water-based facial cleanser.

    Though double cleansing has recently surged in popularity, it’s actually been practiced routinely by Japanese women for centuries.

  • It Provides A Deeper Clean Than Just One Wash


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    By first washing with an oil-based cleanser, you remove things like oil-based makeup and sunscreen from your skin. Then, with the second facial cleanse, you rinse away everything left over, like dirt and sweat. The result is noticeably cleaner skin.

    There are additional benefits, too. Oil-based cleansers make removing makeup much easier, and double cleansing helps moisturizers and other products absorb more effectively.

  • The Process Is Incredibly Simple


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    When you’ve selected your products, get ready for your first double cleanse. First, apply your oil-based cleanser to your face by massaging it gently into your skin. Though the massage is not necessary, it does feel great and helps get your blood flowing for an added glow. When the product is fully applied, give it a few seconds to work its magic, and don’t be alarmed if your eye makeup starts to run – it’s all part of the process.

    Then, soak a washcloth in warm water, and either use it to clean the oil cleanser off your face, or leave it on for about 30 seconds for a quick and easy steam treatment. Either way, make sure your face is thoroughly clean before proceeding to your second product.

    Use a small amount of your second cleanser, and massage it into your face and neck for about a minute. Rinse with warm water and proceed by applying your favorite moisturizer.

  • Consider Double Cleansing Just A Few Times Per Week At First


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    As great as double cleansing may be, if the sound of it makes you nervous due to your super-sensitive skin, then listen to your instincts, especially if your skin is currently irritated. In that case, you may want to start by double cleansing just a few times a week.

  • Natural Oil Cleansers Are Ideal For Sensitive Skin

    If you have super sensitive skin or are just looking to go the organic route, you can always use old fashioned coconut oil for your first cleanse. There are also plenty of cleansing oils on the market specifically designed to get the job done. Burt's Bees, for instance, offers a 100% natural option that’s been clinically tested and shown to gently cleanse and soften the skin.

  • Oil Cleansers Soothe The Skin While Dissolving Makeup

    Oil Cleansers Soothe The Skin While Dissolving Makeup
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    Another bonus of the double cleanse: it calms easily irritated skin. For an especially pampering wash, reach for oils like Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil. Its blend of sunflower, olive, and jojoba oils gently dissolve makeup and grime while leaving your skin feeling extra moisturized.