Down Syndrome Is Nearly Eliminated In Iceland And The Internet Has Feelings

Nearly 100% of women in Iceland who receive test results indicating their fetus will be born with Down syndrome are choosing to terminate the pregnancy, leading to a near elimination of Down syndrome in Iceland. The number of babies with Down syndrome is going down in many other countries as well. 

Anti-abortion activists call it eugenics; mothers who have chosen to end a pregnancy with Down syndrome call it complicated. Expectant mothers now have more information than ever about their unborn child, leading to difficult decisions. Those protesting the abortion of fetuses with Down syndrome say an ethical line is being crossed. 

The facts about Down syndrome show it as a complicated genetic mutation, one that now can be diagnosed early in a pregnancy, along with other diseases and health problems. Though many with Down syndrome are able to live healthy lives, living with Down syndrome isn't easy. Though some will be able to have jobs or marry, others will never live independently.

Learn more about why women are choosing to terminate pregnancies if the fetus is likely to have Down syndrome, and the ethical debate behind this decision.